The 89th CMEF concluded successfully, Glen Dimplex China looks forward to meeting you again next year. 1713761765

The 89th CMEF concluded successfully, Glen Dimplex China looks forward to meeting you again next year.


The 89th CMEF (China International Medical Equipment Fair)


The 89th CMEF (China International Medical Equipment Fair) concluded successfully last week after a four-day exhibition at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). During this grand event, with years of experience in the medical industry, Glen Dimplex China attracted the attention of numerous visitors with its comprehensive cooling solutions.

CT/MRI System Cooling Solution

Utilizing a combination of Liquid Cooling Cabinet (LCC) with Riedel Kooling chiller units for customers with existing outdoor cooling sources, Glen Dimplex China provided stable and high-precision continuous cooling for CT/MRI systems, effectively ensuring imaging quality and long-term stable operation.

CT/MRI Special Liquid Cooling Cabinet

The transparent design of the LCC liquid cooling cabinet allows customers to visually observe the optimized layout, ensuring more rational space utilization. The application of components from renowned brand suppliers guarantees the stable and efficient operation of the cooling cabinet. Equipped with an independent variable frequency compressor, it eliminates the need for external cooling sources, resulting in low vibration and high stability. Specially designed PID control + high-precision flow control valves achieve water temperature accuracy of up to ±0.02°C, enabling high-precision adjustment of mixed flow rates to provide stable flow and temperature for MRI/CT imaging.


Riedel Kooling Chiller Units

With features such as stable operation, powerful refrigeration performance, compact design, and ease of maintenance, Riedel Kooling chiller units have gained wide popularity among medical customers whose existing air-cooled systems cannot meet new cooling requirements due to CT system upgrades.


DSA System Cooling Solution

With the continuous advancement of medical imaging technology, medical customers require cooling systems with higher efficiency and more stable output. At this CMEF, Glen Dimplex China introduced DSA system cooling solutions to effectively meet the increasing heat dissipation demands of main components such as X-ray sources and detectors in DSA systems.

HYFRA eChilly Water Chiller Units

The compact design of eChilly water chiller units represents high performance in small spaces. With stable and efficient cooling capabilities, it effectively ensures the stable operation of digital subtraction angiography (DSA) systems. Leading microchannel technology further enhances cooling efficiency. With configurations available in a variety of options, eChilly water chiller units can meet the heat dissipation needs of various DSA systems.


Customized CT/RT System Cooling Solution

With multiple customized medical cooling solutions, Glen Dimplex China can tailor solutions according to the specific needs of customers, providing new technical support for the medical imaging industry. These customized cooling solutions not only represent our latest achievements in medical imaging cooling technology but also demonstrate our profound understanding of the medical industry and professional service capabilities.

RT Customized Cooling Solution

Customized cooling units can achieve synchronous rotation with RT hosts, perfectly solving key issues such as electromagnetic shielding, gravitational acceleration, condensate handling, and noise control.

CT Customized Cooling SolutionWith outstanding cooling performance, customized cooling units perfectly meet the efficient heat dissipation requirements of CT systems. Its ultimate internal space layout seamlessly matches the installation space reserved within CT equipment.



Through compact and concise booth design and detailed technical explanations provided by the professional team from Glen Dimplex China on-site, numerous customers and visitors were attracted.








During this exhibition, our sales, R&D, service, and marketing teams adhered to the company's core values of "customer focus, people-oriented, innovation-driven, and pursuit of excellence," showcasing Glen Dimplex China's professionalism and dedication in the field of medical cooling to domestic and international customers.

In the future, Glen Dimplex Group will continue to uphold its responsibility to "become a leader in transitioning to a sustainable world," and Glen Dimplex China will continue to provide environmentally friendly and efficient professional medical cooling solutions to our vast customers.